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When planning any event, a great way to approach things is to start with an idea of what you want the end result to be, and plan backwards. Partial catering is a great way to save money, but it's also important to remember that those savings are going to be balanced out with extra work on your side. partial catering for complicated main dishes

While most caterers are open to the idea of providing only partial service, many also offer set partial catering options. When researching caterers, make sure to find out if your needs line up with what the catering company will provide.

Partial catering service can include just about anything that you and your caterer agree on. From dropping off a spit for a pig roast to having a single server circulate with appetizers, the options are nearly endless.

Suggestions for Partial Catering:

  • Arrange for the caterer to provide food and rentals and set everything up, but not plate or serve. At the arranged time, the caterer will return to clean up. Voilà! No cooking or cleanup!

  • Have all the food cooked by the caterer and dropped off in disposable containers.

  • Have the catering company cook the entrées and set up a professionally decorated self-serve buffet.

  • Have a personal chef cook a specialty dish or entire dinner.
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  • Arrange for a caterer to make the main entrée or entrées and staff a single buffet station. A perfect prime rib served professionally can make an elegant statement in any environment. Or what about fresh sushi made to order by an expert?

  • Hire a specialty food-truck to come to your location and serve entrées a la carte.

  • Have a pig roast caterer drop off a cooker and a cook for perfect BBQ.

  • Have a mobile dessert truck (ice cream, crepes, cupcakes) show up in time for dessert.

There really is no end to the number of possibilities offered by partial catering. The only limitations are your imagination (and your budget)!

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Restaurants and Partial Catering

Restaurants who provide catering services are a great option for providing partial catering. From Italian food to Mongolian BBQ to Chinese Dim Sum to Spanish Paella, there are countless different cuisines to explore and enjoy! Arranging to serve pre-cooked restaurant food as a main dish or for appetizers can be an easy alternative to using a caterer.
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