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More and more restaurants are offering both full and partial catering services. Catering from a restaurant is much more than just gettting "take out" - restaurant and catering menus may overlap at many establishments, but not always.
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When looking into using a favorite or a new restaurant for your catering needs, it's best to start off by finding out the scope and content of their catering capabilities. Some will cater only on their own premises. Some will deliver, and others will provide pick-up only. Ask in person, call, or check their website, but find out if they fit your plan before you get too deep into the planning process.

Things to consider:

  • Will you pick up the food or will they provide delivery?

  • Will you need to reheat before serving? Make sure the items will fit into the oven!

  • What will you serve it in? Will you need special plates or utensils?

  • How much advance notice do they need?

  • If you're dealing with people who have food allergies, will the restaurant provide a full ingredients list?

Restaurant food can be a great choice, especially for specialty foods. Special dietary concerns, special preparation or equipment and ethnic foods become significantly easier when someone else is handling the preparation and cooking!

pre cooked halal food from a restaurant

Other sources for catering services

In addition to restaurants, many delis, specialty markets and even supermarkets also provide partial and/or full catering service, or simply bulk prepare foods for events. Again, it's a matter of doing a little research to find out if what they do is a match for what you need for your event.

Ideas for using pre-cooked foods in your event:

  • Get lobsters at the supermarket and have them steamed there.

  • Order certified kosher, halal or vegan appetizers from a restaurant that specializes in those foods for guests who have special food requirements.

  • Pick up rotisserie chickens from the local market.

  • Order a party-sized antipasto platter from the local Italian deli.

  • Have your local Greek restaurant provide a Gyros station for guests.

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